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We pray. We definitely pray.

Actually, we just did a worship exercise this past week (thanks Elaine!) which was about trusting God and that’s a big part of what we pray and that we pray. We trust our heavenly Father and so we spend time with Him, seeking to know Him better. We trust Him and pray for our needs, our lives, the struggles of others, healing, leading, wisdom, thanksgiving and praise. We pretty much pray in all circumstances anytime (1 Thessalonians 5:17).
We see Jesus doing it and really that’s all we need to know.

He prayed so we pray.

He commanded us to pray so we pray.

Again it comes back to trust and desiring to be obedient, to be like Jesus and to know God better.

We’re having a week of prayer called SEVEN across denominational lines in this city from September 25 to October 1. That will include prayer happenings at various churches. One of my favourite aspects is that one church hosts, another church leads worship and still another church teaches and leads the prayers. It’s a great opportunity for Christians in the Guelph area to draw close to God in unity and pray for His kingdom come .

As well, we have a 24-7 prayer aspect to the week. For 168 hours between 12:00 am on Sunday and 12:00 midnight on Saturday October 1st we will ask you to sign up for an hour or several hours to pray as part of 24-7 Prayer Canada’s #prayereverywhere initiative. In past years, we’ve set up a specific prayer room but this year we’re asking people around Guelph to pray in all kinds of locations. Nationally, there have been pictures posted from across Canada showing places where people have prayed this year. It’s an inspiring collection of photos that you can see at:


In Guelph, we’re inviting or perhaps challenging you to sign up and pray in a usual or unusual spot for your hour. Join the body of Christ in Guelph united in prayer. After you’re signed up you will receive an email with creative prayer ideas, locally focused prayer requests and resources to help you to pray during your hour(s).

Then if you like, you can tweet a picture of your prayer spot (not so much a selfie, rather a picture of where you’re praying)to #prayereverywhere or you can post it to the SEVEN Facebook page to inspire others to pray.

Diaspora will be taking on a prayer and fasting focus during SEVEN as will many other churches.

Yes, we pray. Definitely.

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