How exciting it is to see a young child take those first tentative steps.

They wobble, they grab a hand or a piece of furniture to steady themselves. They fall back and land on their diaper padded butts. (another good reason for those padded diapers) But then they take a step and then two and then they’re across the room!

We take pictures. We call people to tell them, we post the pictures on social media (don’t know how moms survived without social media before this) and we clap and cheer.

We’ve had first steps at Diaspora recently.

The last blog post was about two baptisms! But we’ve also had:

– new believers diving into the Bible and wanting more and more. So they read and read AND READ!

– the new to  faith one who prays for the first time or prays for the first time out loud.

– new believers taking a turn leading worship, sharing a testimony/story

– when they ask, “are WE having church this week?” as they become part of it.

– the new to faith, speaking up to talk about what they see in the Bible.

We didn’t take pictures or even post it on social media. But the moments are etched in our minds, heart and souls. This is the gospel in action, this is Jesus building His church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

Pray for the new babies in faith. Pray for their protection, their boldness and their new life that infectiously reaches out to others.

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Baby Steps