It’s such a joy to be able to worship our Lord as we marked the death and resurrection of Jesus with our Diaspora family. Great singing and worship as we reflected on all Jesus’ death and resurrection mean in our individual and corporate lives. From young in the faith to “veterans”, we shared thoughts of all it meant to us and we swept through all four of the gospels looking at this momentous event. It was a wonderful celebration of all Jesus has done for us. And we added new members to Diaspora as well!

It has been a powerful season in our lives as many of us led up to Easter by giving up things for Lent and drawing closer to Jesus in humility and focus. We saw people giving up things that they thought were so important to their days — things that were part of their routines. And then to refocus our appetites and energy toward Jesus gave us a fresh perspective as we listened to Lenten podcasts from 24-7 Prayer and spent extra time in prayer.

And then we come to Easter and the largely familiar story. But somehow we story still hits us afresh and speaks to how much Jesus loves each and every one of us. Jesus died for each of us. Wow.

As it says in Romans, which we’ve just been studying, Jesus died for us when we were still sinners, His enemies. We were as far as we could go from Him. But God’s love reached out to us across the centuries with a plan to set us free from sin and draw us into relationship with Himself. And that plan, that gospel came to us through Jesus’ sacrifice once and for all. He died for me and you to set us free from death and sin and bring us into this new life. And so we say, wholeheartedly and with conviction,

He is risen.

He is risen, indeed!



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Diaspora’s 4th Easter