A Family Gathers

[thanks Rick for the pics!]
The phrase we use most often to describe Diaspora is “an extended family on mission”. Our family includes a wide variety of people. We have a core of them who are with us almost all the time, some who are becoming more connected, others who come off and on, those who we seldom see and a lot of new faces. It’s a lot like a big family.

Think of your larger family — the one that gets together for Christmas or Grandma’s 90th birthday or a family reunion. They are all connected although some more than others. That’s kind of how it is with churches. We become a family, at least we aspire to, and we are connected although not all to the same degree.

We recently had a corn roast and potluck supper with 37 people in attendance. Our core of 18 were all  there, and the rest ranged from those drawing closer, those who come off and on, those who come seldom and those who were new. But that’s what happens when the church gathers. We have a mix of people. And in Diaspora that’s how we reach out to people.

In Diaspora we have our monthly rhythm of life and people are invited into that rhythm. We invite them in and they enter at whatever points they are able or interested. Our ultimate purpose is that people would commit their lives to Jesus and join us in our mission as part of our family. A family that exists to make disciples of Jesus.

It’s not a new idea. You see Jesus living and travelling with His disciples, while others are drawing closer, and others come and go at various points. He does life, eats, teaches, prays, visits people, heals, tells stories and loves people. In all these times, He is in touch with the Father. And in all these times, people are finding Him and their lives are being changed. And when that change happens, people join Jesus in His mission. And if they join His mission they are listening to Jesus who says,

“as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”

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