Church Around the Kitchen Table

Think of church as friends gathered around a kitchen table or in a living room instead of seated in an auditorium – that’s what we find in Diaspora.
People in various stages of following Jesus gathering organically instead of organizationally. Gathering in places that are hospitable, warm, real, and personal. We meet in homes,  comfortable social spaces or almost anywhere as we disperse for church. Diaspora is greek for dispersion or scattering.

Historically, the early church met in homes in small groups and that was where they worshipped, prayed, received teaching and did life together as a community of faith. So, why not now?

Many people have no connection or interest in the typical Sunday morning gathered congregational churches. And as Jesus says to “go and make disciples” (learners/followers/lovers of Jesus) we are experimenting with a different method of reaching people who are currently not being reached. Church around the kitchen table or in the living room.

And that’s only one approach. We need different churches for different people.

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