[a post from October 2014]

We think what we have to offer is words.
Encouraging words, instructive words, corrective words.
But most often the last thing people are looking for is words.
No one likes to be told.
Sometimes we need to be told.
But the thing we always need is someone to be here with us. Presence is a powerful display of the love of Christ. Presence is something that doesn’t take training or special gifts. It just takes being there. Supportive, silent, attentive but not requiring attention. Being there is powerful.
Jesus came to earth to be present to all  of us who were broken and dwelling far away from God.
Jesus came and His coming said essentially, “I am with you, in your neighbourhood, in your hurt, in your loneliness. Because I want you with Me.”
And when we grab onto Him, when we follow Him being His disciples who help others become disciples then He said, “I am with you always.”
His presence, the one we’ve needed all along and the one we get to dwell in.

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