Joys in Ministry

There are particular joys to particular ministries. Worship teams get to sing and lift their hearts and voices to Jesus over and over again. If you work with teens you enjoy their energy and the growth as they move into adulthood and owning their faith. At Diaspora, we spend a good bit of time with young ladies who are single parenting. There are struggles and tears and a lot of pain. But there is also joy in seeing and holding babies, even brand new ones! 
Just this week, one of our ladies had a brand new baby boy. Diaspora’s ladies love the opportunity to hold these new little wonders of God. And how can you blame them?! To see these beautiful babies and to pray for them and their families and what their life will be. God loves each and every one of them and He can make their lives as fresh and new as they are. 
We appreciate your prayers for these little ones.  These precious children often grow up in challenging circumstances with families that haven’t had good role models, have histories of substance abuse and mental illness but who are working and struggling to make better lives.
Also this past week was the annual Princess Ball at another local church. It’s an event where ladies young and old are reminded that they are God’s beloved daughters. It’s a fun event as the ladies dress up in evening gowns and even wear crowns/tiaras. They receive a fabulous catered meal, get their pictures taken all dolled up, and listen to a gospel presentation about how valued they are by God.
Never thought I’d be there.But I had the privilege along with others from our Diaspora family to care for some babies and toddlers for three hours so their moms could attend. The kids were actually really fun, cried little, had to be changed a few times but as a team we were able to handle it (whew!) and have a fun time. Babysitting is not my gift but it was a gift to serve there. 
I encourage you this week to think about the particular joys in your ministry circle
God bless,
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