Diaspora Family Christmas was a Blast!

[sorry I forgot to post this earlier, enjoy a visit back to Christmas!]

We were able to do several of the things we normally do like a gift exchange, games, eat great food and enjoy our church community. 

How did we adapt?

We asked for creative ideas for games and activities that we could do on Zoom and it was a great success! People had excellent party ideas that would work on zoom.

Each household received a Christmas box or bag with elements they would need for the party. 

Our boxes/bags arrived with:

  • a homemade ornament from one family, 
  • a secret santa type gift for each person who put their names in
  • another gift for each household
  • fresh baked Christmas cookies along with icing to decorate them
  • Christmas cards and encouraging words or scriptures.  
  • answers for a game of Christmas charades were placed randomly in each household’s box so no one else saw them

The gift exchange took some prep as people had to get their wrapped presents to our house a couple of days before the party and then our “elves” delivered their gifts and party boxes to the households of partygoers the day before.

We asked people to set up their zoom in front of Christmas ornaments or trees, to wear festive clothing or dress up their screen somehow. It was like being in a very large very decorated room for Christmas with so many trees/ornaments!

Games included Christmas trivia and charades. Another highlight was when we asked each person to choose an ornament from their tree and tell us the story of why it was special — some beautiful, funny and heart warming stories there!

And to indulge our crafty side, we decorated and then ate Christmas cookies. All in all a fun family time!

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