Hybrid Easter 2022

We’d tried a live hybrid  (in-person + zoom) previously but had mixed results. Considered maybe the hybrid thing just wasn’t practical. But some of our people weren’t ready to give up on it yet.

Easter Sunday we wanted to include everyone all at once both in-person and zooming. So we needed enough space for people to distance (Covid still being an issue)  and some to be unable to be in-person due to reasons including geographical distance, isolating with Covid and keeping distant for immunity issues.

Could we do it?

Diaspora is pretty experimental so let’s give it a try! We were able to secure a space downtown with a good wifi signal and successfully did a limited test run a couple of weeks in advance.  So, still not absolutely sure it would work, we went for it and our Easter Sunday Resurrection Celebration was a hybrid of in-person and zooming live. The folk on zoom could see and hear, they could interact and we really were able to connect as  we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection!

Weakest point was the closed caption which although working displayed some strange and incorrect subtitles.

Something to work on for next time, haha!

Thanks to God for a successful experiment. We’ll be doing that again.


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