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  • a blast from the past: 2016…Children are part of the Body

    a blast from the past: 2016…Children are part of the Body

    It’s so cool the way the Holy Spirit puts things together. A couple of weeks back, we had our regular DC (Disciplemaking Community) at Diaspora. And parts of it were led as always by a variety of our people. And it was beautiful — songs, prayers, word, fellowship — all came together beautifully. Those who […]

  • What’s Up With Diaspora These Days?

                        Many churches are  going back to in person meeting but with reduced numbers. But the reality is that many people are not going back. They may be in some sense done with church as usual or they prefer to stay safe and either not attend […]

  • New Leash on Life

    New Leash on Life

      Walking the dog. It’s a chore. Somedays anyway. Can be fun sometimes too. “What? There’s 8 inches of fresh snow and I need to take the dog for a walk?” “Oh, It’s raining and I have to take the dog for a walk?”  Great, we’ll both get soaked (like it’s that rain that soaks […]

  • Jesus said, “Follow Me.”

    Jesus said, “Follow Me.”

    Jesus’ simple words from John 1:43 echo through the ages and in our soul as well. Two simple words that carry the weight of our entire lives.   Follow me.  There are so many things in our lives clamouring for attention. Work, relationships, the internet, family, the urgent, chores, entertainment and stuff. It never stops. […]

  • Diaspora Pandemic Style

    Diaspora Pandemic Style

    Churches have had to adapt in the last number of months with restrictions on meeting, closing of church buildings and sanitizing and distancing measures to keep their church family safe. Many, possibly most have taken to the internet in seeking ways to keep connected and minister.  Diaspora is, by its very definition, a dispersed church […]

  • Churches Be Nimble

    Churches Be Nimble

    One of the words we’ve adopted to describe Diaspora is “nimble”. The dictionary describes nimble as quick and light in movement; moving with ease; agile; active; quick to understand, think, devise. Being nimble means we can switch plans, venues or even methods if things suddenly don’t work. It’s about flexibility, but nimble is a more […]

  • Easter is the most important celebration in the Christian calendar. For several years, Diaspora has set up an Easter prayer experience in a physical location with stations/rooms for people to reflect and pray through the last days of Jesus life and His resurrection.  In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year we’re going online. We […]

  • Are We What We Set Out to Be?

    Are We What We Set Out to Be?

    Last weekend I was asked to join a panel talking with traditional church leaders about how to be more missional. It was a question/answer format and I was told I didn’t need to prepare.  While that might be possible for some, it wasn’t for me! I had to think about what we’re doing now and how […]

  • Unplanned Fun with our Church Family

    Unplanned Fun with our Church Family

    Lots of laughing, people dropping in, kids and adults being silly and friends catching up on old times. That’s so fun. There’s a good chance even that description reminds you of a time in your life.  A good time, I bet.  A time when you enjoyed the people you were with and it took zero planning. […]

  • Church in a Trailer

    I saw a church in a trailer today. A what? A church in a trailer. You know, one of those rectangular cargo trailers! A trailer that contains a church. Or rather the stuff that a church  plant brings each week to their meeting space which is probably at a school gym or other rental space. […]