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  • a blast from the past: 2016…Children are part of the Body

    a blast from the past: 2016…Children are part of the Body

    It’s so cool the way the Holy Spirit puts things together. A couple of weeks back, we had our regular DC (Disciplemaking Community) at Diaspora. And parts of it were led as always by a variety of our people. And it was beautiful — songs, prayers, word, fellowship — all came together beautifully. Those who […]

  • Hybrid Easter 2022

    Hybrid Easter 2022

    We’d tried a live hybrid  (in-person + zoom) previously but had mixed results. Considered maybe the hybrid thing just wasn’t practical. But some of our people weren’t ready to give up on it yet. Easter Sunday we wanted to include everyone all at once both in-person and zooming. So we needed enough space for people […]

  • What’s Up With Diaspora These Days?

                        Many churches are  going back to in person meeting but with reduced numbers. But the reality is that many people are not going back. They may be in some sense done with church as usual or they prefer to stay safe and either not attend […]

  • Easter is the most important celebration in the Christian calendar. For several years, Diaspora has set up an Easter prayer experience in a physical location with stations/rooms for people to reflect and pray through the last days of Jesus life and His resurrection.  In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year we’re going online. We […]

  • A Family Gathers

    A Family Gathers

    [thanks Rick for the pics!] The phrase we use most often to describe Diaspora is “an extended family on mission”. Our family includes a wide variety of people. We have a core of them who are with us almost all the time, some who are becoming more connected, others who come off and on, those who we […]

  • Still Wonderful After All These Centuries

    Still Wonderful After All These Centuries

    Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… Matthew 28:19 Baptism is part of making disciples. Jesus commands us in Matthew 28 to make disciples and to baptize them as part of them identifying with Christ in His […]

  • Churches Need R & D Departments

    Churches Need R & D Departments

    [a post from 2015] “Every church should have a Research and Development department – that is, a forum for dreaming, where nothing is impossible, and no thought too outrageous. And every authentic missional church will experiment like mad in order to find new and accessible ways of doing and being the people of God.”  THE […]

  • Lowering the Bar on Sunday Morning and Raising the Bar on Discipleship

    [a post from April 2015] Okay, so that’s our paraphrase of a quote I read from Neil Cole. I think I read it first in ORGANIC CHURCH but I also found it when I read CHURCH 3.0. Cole says on page 183, “We want to lower the bar of how we do church so everyone […]