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  • Are We What We Set Out to Be?

    Are We What We Set Out to Be?

    Last weekend I was asked to join a panel talking with traditional church leaders about how to be more missional. It was a question/answer format and I was told I didn’t need to prepare.  While that might be possible for some, it wasn’t for me! I had to think about what we’re doing now and how […]

  • Unplanned Fun with our Church Family

    Unplanned Fun with our Church Family

    Lots of laughing, people dropping in, kids and adults being silly and friends catching up on old times. That’s so fun. There’s a good chance even that description reminds you of a time in your life.  A good time, I bet.  A time when you enjoyed the people you were with and it took zero planning. […]

  • Church in a Trailer

    I saw a church in a trailer today. A what? A church in a trailer. You know, one of those rectangular cargo trailers! A trailer that contains a church. Or rather the stuff that a church  plant brings each week to their meeting space which is probably at a school gym or other rental space. […]

  • Joys in Ministry

    There are particular joys to particular ministries. Worship teams get to sing and lift their hearts and voices to Jesus over and over again. If you work with teens you enjoy their energy and the growth as they move into adulthood and owning their faith. At Diaspora, we spend a good bit of time with young ladies who […]

  • Wrong or Just Different?

    Wrong or Just Different?

    I’m sitting out on our backyard deck and in the kitchen I can hear the microwave beeping as it finishes heating up someone’s lunch. I’m reminded of a time maybe 20 years ago. My wonderful wife, Bonnie and I were camping at Grand Bend in the provincial park. (This was BK — Before Kids)  We […]

  • Fun and Food and Just Fun!

    Fun and Food and Just Fun!

    Being a part of the extended family of Diaspora is fun. I don’t mean that to sound frivolous or silly but it’s true. We have a lot of fun. And food, a lot of food. Part of being the Church is that we share meals and have fun. Actually, it’s a very spiritual principle. We […]

  • What’s Up With Church Membership?

    What’s Up With Church Membership?

      Is it like joining a bonus points program like at a coffee shop or use of a cushy place like a country club? Do you get something free if you attend or pray enough? Uh, no. Not that kind of thing at all. You don’t get free stuff and we don’t have cushy facilities. […]

  • Another Day, A Different Workspace

    Another Day, A Different Workspace

    I find it invigorating to work in different places. My creativity is fed by place and I think God uses environment to speak to us. Here’s one that works for me, how about you? Please follow and like us:

  • Diaspora’s 4th Easter

    Diaspora’s 4th Easter

    It’s such a joy to be able to worship our Lord as we marked the death and resurrection of Jesus with our Diaspora family. Great singing and worship as we reflected on all Jesus’ death and resurrection mean in our individual and corporate lives. From young in the faith to “veterans”, we shared thoughts of all it […]

  • What’s it Mean to be a Priesthood of All Believers?

    It means we don’t have a high priest who needs to lead us or intercede for us with God. (Hebrews 10:11-25, 1 Peter 2:5-9) We have access to God — unmediated, no help required, open access to God. We can pray and talk directly to God anywhere, anytime, and in any number of ways. God […]

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