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  • Everywhere I Go I See You

    Everywhere I Go I See You

    I was walking and praying one fall morning and a song by Rich Mullins was reverberating through my body and soul, I SEE YOU. As the lyrics played through my head and I found myself praying and praising them back to God. It was a wonderful time of communing with our heavenly Father. Lord, You’re leading me With […]

  • A Family Gathers

    A Family Gathers

    [thanks Rick for the pics!] The phrase we use most often to describe Diaspora is “an extended family on mission”. Our family includes a wide variety of people. We have a core of them who are with us almost all the time, some who are becoming more connected, others who come off and on, those who we […]

  • Faith That Sets a Person On Fire

    Faith That Sets a Person On Fire

    [a post from mid 2016] I was reading Alan Hirsch’s THE FORGOTTEN WAYS, earlier today for the umpteenth time. Such an inspiring book as he looks at missional movements and the missional DNA that carry them forward. I was challenged, inspired and stopped by the following quote from Roland Allen, “The spontaneous expansion of the […]

  • Church Around the Kitchen Table

    Church Around the Kitchen Table

    Think of church as friends gathered around a kitchen table or in a living room instead of seated in an auditorium – that’s what we find in Diaspora. People in various stages of following Jesus gathering organically instead of organizationally. Gathering in places that are hospitable, warm, real, and personal. We meet in homes,  comfortable […]